Want to avoid oil’s gloom? Turn to the sun, says Outsider Nick Hodge

photo Ethan O'Brien

While some celebrated shale oil as a "boom," Nick Hodge, founder and director of investment community the Outsider Club, derided it as a "Ponzi scheme." Today the shale sector quivers before the specter of falling oil prices, and the oil majors that have invested heavily in shale may be humbled. In this interview with The Energy Report, syndicated by Energy Post, Hodge argues that nuclear energy is about to reassert itself, and that solar power … [Read more...]

Eon’s transformation: how it will change the energy debate in Europe

photo: Ben Sutherland

With Eon’s historic decision to restructure we now for the first time will have  a large energy supplier not being pulled in two directions, but acting on the single imperative of bringing new energy solutions to customers. This removes one of the key obstacles that has been hindering the energy transition, writes Simon Skillings, former Director of Strategy and Policy at Eon UK and now independent consultant and associate at environmental think … [Read more...]

The vulnerability of our electric utility system to cyber attacks

13th annual Cyber Defense Exercise (photo: West Point Academy)

As our electric utility system is moving from dumb and centralized to smart and decentralized, it is becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Are utility executives paying sufficient attention to these serious new risks? Energy expert Allan Hoffman, a former senior official at the U.S. Department of Energy, says the SONY hacking case should serve as a wake-up call to the energy industry. … [Read more...]

Crushing the US energy export dream

Bakken field North Dakota

Petroleum geologist Arthur Berman argues that it’s foolish to believe the US could become an energy exporter. “The US will never be self-sufficient in oil”, he writes in an article for Oilprice.com. “Exporting crude oil and natural gas from the United States are among the dumbest energy ideas of all time.” … [Read more...]

Oil price decline: no room for conspirators


Some observers claim the US and Saudi Arabia have made a secret deal to bring down oil prices. They are supposed to be doing this in particular to hurt Iran and Russia. But Friedbert Pflüger, Director of the European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS), King’s College London, finds their arguments unconvincing. The oil market is too big to be manipulated by conspirators.  … [Read more...]