Professor Ye Qi and Hillary Clinton

Professor Ye Qi’s inside view on Chinese climate policy: “There is no way we can peak in 2015”

Although China is tackling climate change and air pollution in a serious way, there is no way the country’s greenhouse gas emissions will peak anytime soon, says the influential Chinese climate scientist Professor Ye Qi in an interview with Energy Post. Professor Qi, who is Director of China’s Climate Policy Institute School of Public Policy and Management – part  of Tsinghua University – and responsible for the publication of an…….

photo: Tarsandsaction

Carbon Delirium: the hazardous impact of fossil-fuel addiction on American foreign policy

The elites in the U.S. and other “petro-states” have become so addicted to the power and riches brought by fossil fuels, they are blind to their ill effects, argues Michael Klare. As an example he notes the “delusional” idea that increased gas and oil production in North America could somehow influence Vladimir Putin’s behavior towards Ukraine. This addiction, says Klare, must be cured, as it poses a “direct danger to…….

A humpback whale swims past Diablo nuclear power plant in California (photo Mike Baird)

The Nuclear Power Imperative

As the world’s richest and most innovative economy and second largest source of carbon emissions, the United States should be leading a grand global innovation challenge encompassing the entire range of low-carbon options, including nuclear, argues Richard Lester, Japan Steel Industry Professor and Head of the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. According to Lester, climate policy “is about reducing carbon emissions without undermining…….

photo: Scott Matheson

The Age of Renewables has begun – as solar power continues to shoot down the cost curve

A new report by investment analysts from Citigroup says that in the US “the Age of Renewables” has begun. This is confirmed by the most recent public announcements from First Solar and SunPower, two of the largest solar power producers in the US, which both continue to see solar costs coming down rapdily. Analysts from McKinsey have become convinced that the developments in the solar power sector will have a…….

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The gas market goes global – and Europe doesn’t see what is coming

Global gas trade is expected to explode – and most of the new supplies will go to Asia. Europe will lose control of markets and pricing and will need to compete at higher Asian prices. That’s the main message energy reporter Rudolf ten Hoedt took away from the Gastech LNG conference in Korea in March where he spoke with leading LNG traders, including market leaders Shell, Qatargas and Tokyo Gas……..

Volker Quaschning on the major German television news program Tagesschau

Interview Volker Quaschning: “Nobody can hold back the renewables revolution”

Volker Quaschning, a professor for renewable energies in Berlin and one of the most influential advocates of the “Energiewende” in Germany, is convinced that nuclear and fossil fuel power in Germany will be fully replaced by renewable energies in the not too distant future. The Energiewende, he says, does not even require the support of Germany’s EEG (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz) feed-in law any longer. “The EEG is only needed to accelerate the…….

Putin and Schroder

The gas market chaos in Ukraine – and what the EU could do about it

Ukraine’s conflict with Russia has left the Ukrainian gas market in a state of chaos. Russia has turned on the screws by raising the gas price for Ukraine, putting an intolerable burden on the Ukrainian government’s budget and threatening the country’s energy security, write Kinga Dudzińska and Aleksandra Gawlikowska-Fyk of the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM). As more of than half of gas the EU imports from Russia passes…….

photo: RWE

The vision of Peter Terium, CEO of RWE: “We want to be the holistic energy manager of the future”

RWE, the German utility known for its reliance on large lignite, coal and nuclear power stations, and its high CO2 emissions, is undergoing a fundamental transformation. “We want to use our leading market position to take our customers into a new future”, explains RWE’s Dutch CEO Peter Terium in an exclusive interview with Energy Post. “My dream, my vision is that RWE will put solar panels on your roof, a…….

Sheerwind-INVELOX-Demo2 (photo: Sheerwind)

A peek into the astonishing future of wind power

Start-up companies like Sheerwind, Saphon Energy and Makani (bought by Google) are experimenting with revolutionary wind turbine designs. But for now most of the progress made in the wind power sector comes from more conventional technological innovations, such as lower weight, taller towers, improved blade designs, and better logistics, writes Ari Phillips of ClimateProgress. These R&D efforts have led to a 43% price drop in just a few years. Global…….