One year of Energy Post – and a quick guide for our readers

Editor-in-Chief Karel Beckman looks back on one year at Energy Post. He gives some suggestions on the wealth of information readers can find on the website, including the 10 best-read stories of the year. And he takes a look ahead on what more there is to come – after we come back from our summer break.

Coal plant, Madrid, New Mexico, ca 1935 (Unk, via Wikimedia Commons)

Brussels sets dangerous precedent by clearing UK capacity market

The European Commission has given the green light to a proposed UK capacity market that aims to ensure enough electricity is available to cover consumption at peak times. This is the Commission’s first assessment of a capacity market under new EU guidelines on energy and environment state aid that entered force on 1 July. The Commission says the aid is justified because it will contribute to the UK’s security of…….

Günther Oettinger (Credit: European Union, 2014)

European Commission spits forth a 30% energy efficiency target

Europe should adopt a 30% energy efficiency target for 2030, the European Commission finally announced on 23 July – without specifying whether that target should be binding or not. That decision it left to European leaders when they meet on 23-24 October. There, they are set to decide on a 2030 climate and energy package for Europe. But certainly for energy efficiency, the path is far from clear and any…….


VIDEO: Crisis of EU refining industry: a threat to our energy security?

viEUws.eu‘s leading energy journalist Hughes Belin is joined by Fabrizio Barbaso, Deputy Director General ofDG Energy at the European Commission, for an exclusive interview on the refining industry and security of energy supply. For the time being, the flow of Russian gas and oil supplies to Europe has not been disrupted. Barbaso argues that Energy relations between the European Union and Russia are interdependent:Russia is a key energy supplier to Europe, and at the same time the EU is the biggest…….

Graphene (Credit: CORE-Materials/Flickr)

Four scientific breakthroughs that can take us to a new, clean energy world

Discussions on the energy transition usually focus on the economics of renewables and cost comparisons with fossil fuels and other energy sources. What is usually ignored, are innovations in materials and chemical processes, which are nonetheless increasingly important as agents of change in the energy sector. Innovation watcher Denis Kuznetsov discusses four scientific breakthroughs in materials research that could shake up the energy sector in the years to come.

Credit: Pujanak (own work/public domain) via Wikimedia Commons

Get this: Germany does not have generous subsidies for renewables

In an otherwise well-written and informative article on the recent decision by the EU Court of Justice on renewables policy, Energy Post repeats the unfounded notion that Germany has generous subsidies. This is wrong – and the difference matters: the German system of feed-in tariffs favours small companies and cooperatives. Now, the EU wants to kill feed-in tariffs, ostensibly because of the cost – but what’s at stake is freedom.

Iraq (credit: Joel Bombardier/flickr)

Twenty-first century energy wars: how oil and gas are fuelling global conflicts

Fossil fuels are triggering violent conflicts all over the world, says Michael Klare, Professor of Peace and World Security Studies at Hampshire College in Massachusetts, the US. Klare zooms in on four areas – Iraq/Syria, South Sudan, the Crimea/Ukraine, and the South China Sea – to argue that the desire to control valuable oil and gas assets is fuelling long-standing historic tensions. “In a fossil-fuel world, control over oil and…….


VIDEO: Top 5 Energy – All you need to know for the Italian EU Presidency

In this special briefing, viEUws.eu‘s leading energy journalist Hughes Belin picks out the top 5 energy issues that will be discussed by the European institutions under the Italian Presidency. Security of supply remains at the top of EU decision makers’ agenda as the crisis between Ukraine and Russia continues. 2030 climate & energy framework: the Italian EU Presidency will have a chance to draw a compromise at the informal Energy and Environment Ministers meeting on October 6, and in this way facilitate…….

LNG tanker in Sakhalin (photo: Shell)

Moscow’s great new gas game: Russia will become a bigger player – but in a bigger market

Russia has embarked on a strategy to become a major player in the global LNG business, with as many as five or six  big new projects expected to come online by the end of the decade. This new LNG production capacity is part of Russia’s broader strategy that involves reducing its reliance on European markets and becoming one of the top gas suppliers to the Asia-Pacific region. Paradoxically, these efforts, if…….