Elena Bou, KIC InnoEnergy: “If we want our energy companies to succeed, we need one European market”

Belgian software developer Enervalis now works with ABB thanks to KIC InnoEnergy

We are at the beginning of a new era of innovation in the European energy sector. Energy companies will be opening up to new collaborations, investing in startups, creating new technologies and developing new business models that will be much more service and customer oriented. That’s the conviction of Elena Bou, Innovation Director at KIC InnoEnergy, an EU-wide company investing in renewable energy technology. What worries Bou is the … [Read more...]

KIC InnoEnergy: “Solar PV will be one of lowest-cost electricity sources in Europe”

photo Martien Abegglen

Solar photovoltaics (PV) will be one of the cheapest sources of electricity generation in Europe by 2030. That is a major conclusion that can be drawn from a report on future cost reductions in solar PV recently published by KIC InnoEnergy. … [Read more...]

Can Nord Stream 2 be stopped?

NS2-shareholders agreement-Pierre Chareyre, Klaus Schaefer, Ben van Beurden, Alexey Miller, Kurt Bock and Rainer Seele

Nord Stream 2, the controversial Russian-German pipeline project, is generating fierce opposition in Central and Eastern Europe as well as from the European Parliament and the European Commission. But could the opponents of the pipeline, owned 50% by Gazprom and 50% by some of the largest Western European companies, stop the project? They may be able to follow a complex legal route that could place formidable obstacles in the way of the pipeline. … [Read more...]

Global coal power: capacity keeps going up, utilisation goes down

a hazy day in Beijing (photo Han Jun Zeng, July 2014)

While the amount of electricity generated from coal has declined for two years in a row, and utilisation rates of coal power plants have been going down, energy companies continue to build new coal-fired generating plants “at a rapid pace, creating an increasingly severe capacity bubble”, according a new report based on the Global Coal Plant Tracker published by the NGO’s CoalSwarm, Sierra Club and Greenpeace. Worldwide the equivalent of 1500 … [Read more...]

Jeroen van der Veer, ex-CEO Shell, Chairman ING: “Moving away from fossil fuels presents great opportunities for oil companies”

photo ING Group

“The energy transition presents great opportunities for oil and gas companies to develop new forms of energy and gradually move away from fossil fuels”, says Jeroen van der Veer, former CEO and Chairman of Shell in an exclusive interview for World Energy Focus, a monthly publication of the World Energy Council produced by Energy Post. But the former Shell boss rejects the idea that the oil companies are in danger of ending up with large “stranded … [Read more...]

Robert Johnston, CEO Eurasia Group: “Take a seat at the table and advocate for gas”

cop21 (photo Mark Dixon)

The big question in the energy sector today is whether the world will move to a zero-carbon policy in which fossil fuels have no place, or a world in which natural gas is part of the solution, says Robert Johnston, CEO of US-based consulting firm Eurasia Group, in an interview with World Energy Focus. Johnston advises companies to “take a seat at the policy table and advocate for gas” to counter “growing demands to exclude natural gas”. … [Read more...]