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Dear readers, we are taking a short break. We will be back with new articles around 10 August. Thank you very much for your interest in Energy Post, your support and your reactions. Maybe this is the time to read up on some of the hundreds of articles in our archives - or maybe you are also taking a break. We wish you all a very pleasant holiday! Karel Beckman and Matthew James, publishers. … [Read more...]

Interview Adnan Amin, head of IRENA: “Everything we see is pointing to transformational change”

Adnan Amin (photo IRENA)

“Everything we are seeing is pointing to transformational change in the energy sector”, says Adnan Z. Amin, Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). “We don’t need a miracle, it’s already happening.” Amin, under whose leadership IRENA has become the world’s fastest-growing intergovernmental organisation with over 170 member countries, says that renewables are growing much faster than most people, including many … [Read more...]

New study: Nord Stream 2 will benefit security of gas supply in Europe

slider Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic 2014 Usedom Music Festival sponsored by Nord Stream AG photo Nord Strea

Nord Stream 2 is likely to benefit rather than hurt energy security in Central and Eastern Europe and in the UK and Germany. The gas pipeline, which Gazprom and five major Western European energy companies want to build from Russia to Germany through the Baltic Sea, can only be credibly stopped by the EU if the European Commission decides to transform itself from a “powerful competition watchdog” to a “political actor. Those are some of the main … [Read more...]

A fundamental transformation: “renewables win race on costs”

turbine photo Tim Green

The cost of wind and solar power will continue to fall massively over the next 25 years, bringing about a fundamental transformation of the global electricity sector, according to new reports from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Electric cars will boom, cheap batteries will be everywhere and there will no Golden Age of Gas, despite continued low gas prices, BNEF predicts. … [Read more...]

Interview Joan MacNaughton, World Energy Council: “Policy is key – you can’t allow a free for all”

3-4-Joan MacNaughton photo theverb.org

Focused, well-designed energy policy in a robust regulatory environment is key to achieve energy security, sustainability and affordability. That’s the major conclusion from the 2016 World Energy Trilemma report of the World Energy Council, presented at the Clean Energy Ministerial in San Francisco on 1 June. According to Joan MacNaughton, Executive Chair of the study, “it’s still hard for most countries to balance all three aspects of the energy … [Read more...]

Elena Bou, KIC InnoEnergy: “If we want our energy companies to succeed, we need one European market”

Belgian software developer Enervalis now works with ABB thanks to KIC InnoEnergy

We are at the beginning of a new era of innovation in the European energy sector. Energy companies will be opening up to new collaborations, investing in startups, creating new technologies and developing new business models that will be much more service and customer oriented. That’s the conviction of Elena Bou, Innovation Director at KIC InnoEnergy, an EU-wide company investing in renewable energy technology. What worries Bou is the … [Read more...]

KIC InnoEnergy: “Solar PV will be one of lowest-cost electricity sources in Europe”

photo Martien Abegglen

Solar photovoltaics (PV) will be one of the cheapest sources of electricity generation in Europe by 2030. That is a major conclusion that can be drawn from a report on future cost reductions in solar PV recently published by KIC InnoEnergy. … [Read more...]