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Karel Beckman is editor-in-chief of Energy Post.

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Maria van der Hoeven (photo EPA)

IEA: Utilities should change business model – not count on capacity mechanisms

Utilities in Europe and North America “have to change their business model, whether they like it or not”, says the International Energy Agency (IEA). At the same time, the IEA is very critical about the plans of several European countries to set up capacity schemes which the large European enegy companies are pleading for. “We should try energy-only solutions first before we try capacity schemes”, says Maria van der Hoeven,…….

Pro-renewables demonstration in Victoria, Australia (photo Takver)

Global renewable energy at the cross-roads

Is the renewables glass half-full or half-empty? That’s the central question that appears to run through the International Energy Agency (IEA’s) new comprehensive market report on the state of renewable energy in the world. The answer is complex. Renewables have made “tremendous progress”, notes the IEA, but growth “falls short of global climate change objectives”. Karel Beckman reports.

UK Power Reserve adds three more plants to portfolio

UK Power Reserve (UKPR) announces the acquisition of a 30MW portfolio of gas-fired power stations from Scottish Power (SP). The acquisition brings the company’s portfolio to 13 plants situated across England and Wales. The three SP power stations are Watson Street, Greengate and Cowley Hill and are located in Merseyside. Each site comprises three embedded packages totaling 10MW of generating capacity. UKPR will manage the operation and maintenance of these sites…….

US Energy Information Administration: Energy reform could increase Mexico’s long-term oil production by 75%

On August 11, Mexico’s president signed into law legislation that will open its oil and natural gas markets to foreign direct investment, effectively ending the 75-year-old monopoly of state-owned Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex). These laws, which follow previously adopted changes in Mexico’s constitution to eliminate provisions that prohibited direct foreign investment in that nation’s oil and natural gas sector, are likely to have major implications for the future of Mexico’s oil production profile……..

Professor Henrik Lund: Denmark proves complete fossil fuel independence is possible

Complete independence from energy generated from fossil fuels is possible. Professor Henrik Lund, of Aalborg University, believes that a system based 100 per cent on renewable energy is a viable option and could be achieved by 2050 in Denmark. Renewable energy systems (RES) planning can also be successfully applied to other countries worldwide. During his extremely well attended plenary lecture at CHISA, the 21st International Congress of Chemical and Process…….

MeyGen tidal energy project in Scotland gets another boost

Atlantis, owner of the world’s largest planned tidal stream energy project, MeyGen, has been awarded a £7.5 million two year contract with the UK’s Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) to deliver a multi-turbine foundation structure which will support a further two turbines at the Atlantis-owned MeyGen tidal stream array in the Pentland Firth, Scotland. The agreement with ETI marks the start of Phase 2 of the ETI Tidal Energy Converter Project. …….

France announces $13.4 billion energy plan

Tax credits and low-interest loans will be used to generate about €10 billion ($13.4 billion) for a new energy plan in France. About half the money will be loaned by Caisse des Depots et Consignations, a government-owned lender, and some will also come from non-state banks. French President Francois Hollande wants France to reduce its reliance on atomic power from 75% to 50% by 2025. Such an investment is necessary to help…….

New report Carbon Tracker: Top 20 high-cost oil projects risk wasting $91 bln of investor cash

The Carbon Tracker Initiative (CTI) has come out with a new report highlighting some of the world’s most expensive future oil projects, which the biggest publicly listed oil companies are considering for development. Some of these projects require prices far exceeding today’s levels, and risk wasting $91 billion of investor cash over the next decade if taken into production. The projects are suggested as prime candidates for cancellation. Following CTI’s…….

SkyNRG, Boeing and South African Airways aim to turn tobacco into sustainable jet fuel 

SkyNRG announces its first major feedstock project in South Africa based on the Solaris technology. Solaris is a nicotine-free energy tobacco crop that has been developed by the Italian company Sunchem. SkyNRG and Sunchem SA have teamed up to roll out Solaris in Southern Africa at large scale to help power local sustainable jet fuel production. Both South African Airways (SAA) and Boeing will provide active support in securing further…….